You, Me and Priya Rae

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

It took me awhile to come to this realization. I would leave Sacramento to escape the issues going on in my life, but in doing so, I realized how much I was missing in the world!

So, this post is devoted to my new favorite method of exploring, in my new car, Priya Rae. Yes, she is named after a porn star thanks to my old roommate.

My friend, Michelle and I, decided to take a weekend trip down the coast to Big Sur in my new Prius. IMG_4738

I had forgotten how beautiful Big Sur is!! We headed down the coast on a sunny, 75 degree day explored cairn-filled beaches with ridiculous looking sunsets. IMG_4670

We sat and listened to the crashing waves, watched the sun set and brought out the volleyball, becoming kids again, running in the sand, chasing full speed after the ball and passing it back and forth. Who can say no to acting like I child? I know I can’t.IMG_4655

We laid my two crash pads down in the back of Priya Rae and set up our comfy bed to lay back and watch the rising stars. It was Michelle’s first time EVER seeing the Milky Way. The following day we headed home and stopped at a few beaches, walked down a cliff and spotted a man sitting on a hill painting the spectacular view-I wouldn’t have spent my weekend any other way.



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