You´re Never Alone

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As worried as I was about getting lonely, being alone and all, the phrase ´solo traveller´should really not ever be used. No matter where I go there is always someone asking if I would like to join his, her or their group on some excursion.

Granted, there are some people that I would rather not spend my entire day with, but going to lunch or the market with someone is always nice.

Funny story from today: so back in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, it was time to pay for the night at a hostel when I suddenly realized I was out of cash. I had no time to go to the ATM and back because I had to catch my bus within the hour. Luckily, a couple from Holland offered to pay for my room as they were planning on walking to town around the same time I was, so I would pay them when we got there. Very nice. We arrive in town to find all 3 ATM´s are ´fuera de servicio´ (out of order). Crap. Alright, should we meet in Buenos Aires? No, they gave me their account number to transfer money. Big hassle, but oh well, no time to worry, gotta catch my bus. The past few days we have been e-mailing back and forth trying to get the transfer to succeed. Today, (3 days later) I was on a walk to the market and I ran into them. YES. We greeted eachother with excited surprise, I gave them the money and we were on our seperate ways again… for now.

Salta, Argentina is a bustling town, but not on Sundays. Every store I have walked past is closed and there is no one on the streets. The 50 meter market was the highlight of the activity today. I did take some pictures of around town though.

Last night´s free dinner was actually really good. It makes me a biut nervous because one of my roommates feels sick today and she also ate it, but I feel A-Okay. So I´m going to try it again tonight and hope for the best. It was rice, some sort of vegetables and chicken:

I walked to the bus terminal today and bought my ticket to Iguazu Falls for tomorrow. The $477 Argentinien Pesos (approx. $100 USD) was the sadest moment of my trip so far. That took a lovely chunk out of my pocket and I know it is only going to get worse the more south I go. Oh well, I´m here and might as well enjoy it for every penny, right?

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  1. I think we need hostels for the 45+ crowd! Flipping through National Geographic Expeditions, I see 8 days in Peru for $4500- basically the same path you took.
    The 12 day trek through Argentina is $8000. Iguazu Falls looks great! Mendoza is wine country- I may have to get to Argentina soon.

  2. I think you have some very positive energy following you Ellen. Not only that the couple was so kind to pay for you, and trust that you would pay them back….but that you would run into them again?! AMAZING. The money is worth this adventure of a lifetime. Hugs

  3. Wendy Baker

    I so agree. Terri. It looks likes a LOT of fun.

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