When It All Comes Crashing Down (my idea of a vent post)

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This post is not about physical adventure but rather emotional adventure and all the crappy and amazing things that come along with being human.

“Sometimes everything has to hit rock bottom before things can get better”.

A loved one of mine told me this when life started swirling into a chaotic downfall of emotion and changes. I took this to heart and felt great for about two weeks, then life kept happening and that downfall seemed infinite.

Changes are in the air and it seems like everyone is either breaking up relationships, budding new ones, or both. Why do these changes have to be so emotionally difficult though? Can’t we all just love one another no matter what? …Right.

My boyfriend of six years and I recently decided to go our separate ways. “Find ourselves” or something like that. Since then, I have been in search of adventure (physical, please no more emotional adventure) and have been getting outside and exploring a lot. I suppose there is a positive side to being emotionally unstable.. You stop worrying about anything else and just do what you want.

In doing so, others can get hurt too. So, where is the balance between “you do you” and caring for others?

Maybe there is a balance, like yin and yang, maybe the whole idea of balance is bull$#*% (that’s censored for you, mom).

Whatever the answer, I have found that if you feel a certain way, follow that instinct. It may, and probably will, suck for a long while, but time keeps moving whether we are ready for it or not. I have also found that nature cures all problems, so when you’re feeling down and out and have no where left to turn, head to the hills. At the very least, it’s a good escape.


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  1. Not to worry my dear! The sun will come up in the morning and most decisions made are the right ones! Hugs!

  2. Thanks Granny! Out of everyone to give advice and wisdom, I trust yours the most :)

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