Turbulence in the Bathroom

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3am I head to the bathroom on the plane and right as I open the door, the worst turbulence I have ever experienced began. Spanish phrases were being tossed around everywhere and for a minute there I was scared for my life.

El Salvador was beautiful. Flying into Lima, on the other hand, was rather frightening. Once the taxi (who was going about a million miles an hour) got closer to my hostel, things started to look up as we drove next to the coastline and watched people surf…even though it`s winter here.

I just arrived at my hostel and it`s beautiful, but I have yet to meet someone who speaks English yet, so it`s been a tad rough. I`ll post some pictures and videos later, just thought I`d let you all know that I`m here!

Buenas Tardes!

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  1. Mariel Engel

    Anybody reading this..my sister is waayy cooler than yours. She has the guts to take off on a crazy adventure and find out what she wants in life. Keep us posted love

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