The Sacred Valley

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Spent the day in Beautiful Ollantaytambo (the sacred valley). Instead of paying 130soles for a guided tour of a few ancient ruins I found some on my own for free and ended up trekking up an entire mountain! I have pictures but the computer is being used (I’m on the touch) so I’ll have to post them later. Only 2 or 3 other people the whole way. Well I’m waking up at 4 to hike the rest of the way to machu picchu! Thanks for all the comments I love to read them. Gnight

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  1. Granpa Knight

    Ellen, This is great! It looks like you’re having a trip you will remember for years to come. Keep up the updates, and we are all a bit jealous, but that’s OK. Continue on your trip safely and enjoy the sights and have a great trip. I’ll comment along the way.

  2. Amazing Ellen. I am too impressed for words. I cannot wait to hear about Machu Picchu.

  3. I tried to leave a comment on “Music to my ears” but it wouldn’t let me. So I’ll comment here. I love, love the photos. Keep ’em coming.

  4. Kim Baker

    Sounds wonderful. Safe trekking, and consider treating yourself to a bus ride for the return trip. :) Love, Dad

  5. You are hard core Ellen! Was the climber you met from Calgary?

  6. Sounds like you have had a wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing the pictures! Hugs.

  7. Steven Covella

    Looks like your having a good trip so far! Cool stuff. Machu Picchu looks amazing, I’m jealous.

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