The Cooking Continues

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So we wern´t able to go on the bike ride because the weather has been not-so-great here, but on the plus side I have been practicing my culinary skills. Tonight for dinner I cooked up some ´carrot´ burgers that ended up being surprisingly good! My first one I put on some bread..

And my second one I made into a lettuce wrap :)

Since pretty much the only thing I have done today is read The da Vinci code and cook, I´ll talk about my cooking for a bit…

I diced carrots and boiled them for about 10 minutes till soft. Then I put them in a bowl with celery, onions, crushed corn flakes and eggs (and spices) and mixed and mashed. Then I put a little oil on a pan, and poured some of the batter on to make mini patties (kinda like pancakes). I melted cheese on top and slapped it on my fesh baguette with some oh-so-famous mayo. It was quite delish! Then I went and got helado. (Argentina´s version of gelatio which is not an option to pass up).

Maybe my next blog will be a cooking one!

Besides walking to the bus stop about 4 km away, that´s about all I did. It was a very relaxing day. Tomorrow I am off to San Martin de los Andes, a town similar to Bariloche but not as touristy.


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  1. Wendy Baker

    I expect some cooking lessons when you come back. Looks delicious.

  2. Ha! No I can’t wait to learn all of YOUR delicious recipes

  3. After all your incredible and action packed days, a bit of relaxing is a good thing! The carrot burgers look very ‘yummy’. Hugs!

  4. Yummy! Thank goodness for a rest day. I was exhausted!

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