The Bustling Capital of Buenos Aires

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Sorry about being MIA for a few days!
I have used Metros and Subways in a few different places now, yet they always seem to confuse me at least a little. England, Boston, Vancouver… well I had never tried it in a different language before. What a freakin´ challenge.  I got off the bus arriving in Buenos Aires, walked about half a mile to the ´Subte´ station, only to realize an hour later, that that was only the A Line station. Each line had their own staion. AGHHH is that normal!!? So I got back on the busy street, walked a few blocks and sure enough there was a green Subte sign rather then a red one (the colors also cordinate with the letters). Knock on wood, but I think I have pretty much got every line down. I have been living on the Subte, It´s ridiculously cheap and half the time people hold the gate open so I don´t even have to pay.

I´ll start with a picture this time…
Buenos Aires is such a different experience from the rest of South America that I have visited. The city, as beautiful as it is, has such a European vibe to it. Besides the language, I don´t even feel like I´m in Argentina anymore. Yesterday I went to the renowned Buenos Aires Sunday markets. They were even bigger than I expected. I would be willing to bet that there were at least a hundred blocks of just one of the markets. Everything from antiques, to clothes, to massive amounts of empanadas, to jewlery and of course, mate (a cup that all of the locals use, everywhere I have been so far, in which they put their herbal leaves and hot water and it has a special metal straw that is used so it doesn´t suck up any of the leftover herb, only the flavor left in the hot water). The markets had such unique things to look at, I could´ve spent hours there… oh wait, I did.

It´s been really nice here in the city but I think if I ever come again, I will bring lots of friends and a party-ready mind set.

There was a big festival going on yesterday, celebrating some sort of Argentina pride.. Sorry I don´t actually know what it was, but there was a big stage with loud music and women dancing.

On Saturday I found a sweet miniature bouldering gym, so I climbed with the locals for a few hours (who can pull seriously hard!!) and before I had walked the shopping streets of the famous Outlet Stores. As I was walking toward  the Subte station on my way back to the hostel that day, I looked to my left to see a sign for a Waldorf School. haha! Who woulda thought.

Did I mention that multiple times a day now, people approach me and start speed talking in Spanish, asking me questions? I must be blending in at least a little bit. I even translated for a woman awhile back. She was trying to communicate with an elderly Asian couple who were completely oblivious, so she grabbed my arm, talked a lot, and by the few words I knew (and thankfully numbers) I told them as much as I understood and it all worked out :) I actually might have told that story already, I can´t remember.

Last night laying in bed, one of my three male roommates (a guy from Taiwan) and I layed in our bunks and talked from midnight to about 4 in the morning. What did we talk about? You name it. Customs in our Countries, experiences, our travels (he lost 2 of his bags and got in a car accident), relationships, family, school, careers. It was funny when he asked about fraternaties and sororities in colleges based on the ´Hollywood Movies´ he had seen. I even learned that in Taiwan it is common for the eldest male son to stay at home with his parents his entire life. This meaning that when he has another family, they all live at his house as well. I wonder what happens when a gay couple gets together and they are both the eldest male son…. :P Just a thought.

Well, in about an hour I am headed to Puerto Madryn, an 18 hour bus ride to a peninsula south of here, filled with penguins, sea lions, whales and who knows what else! I can´t wait!

Hasta Luego

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  1. Penguins??? You are going to see penguins?? That is so on my list of things to do I want to fly there right now. Your days seem like lifetimes of experiences crammed into 24 hours. Love it. Enjoy!

  2. Kim Baker

    Love getting your updates. Safe travels to Puerto Madryn!

  3. I can’t tell you how I look forward to your updates. Your writing takes us with you! Love the way you interact with those you meet in your travels. I too am anxious to her about the penguins. I spent most of my life thinking they were the size of a person. Crazy! Travel safely and as always, Hugs!

  4. Granny Knight

    What an exciting journey !! Look forward to all your adventures and stories.

    Granny Knight

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