Sport Climbing at Big Chief

From a seasoned boulderer to a beginner in trad climbing with 14 years of climbing under my belt, you would think I would have a lot of experience in sport climbing. Well, this week was only my second time leading sport – outdoors that is. I am a gym rat. The most comfortable gym rat there ever was and I am ready change that whole heartedly.

Amanda, her pup Kona and I headed to Truckee, CA for some practice in lead climbing and I surprised myself by how comfortable I was on lead – I guess all this trad climbing is actually paying off.

We’re two 25 year old girls who knew all the ropes (pun intended); how to clip, clean, rappel and bail if need be. Who needs boys!?

Since it was just the two of us we didn’t get any pictures climbing, but we had some fun with the self timer.. we’re both photographers, what do you expect?

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