Penguins in Puerto Madryn

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I´m currently staying at La Tosca Hostel.

Puerto Madryn has such a different atmosphere in comparison to Buenos Aires. But I love it here. I have met a wonderful group of girls who are staying at the same hostel as me and we are all traveling solo! One girl from Australia, one from Holland, one from Germany and one from Wales, who´s birthday was yesterday, so we went out for a delicious dinner last night (The girl from germany was taking the picture).
Birthday dinner in puerto madryn

We started with the ever-so-popular wine of Argentina and then went on to the best ever appetizer I have ever tasted in my entire life.

After that, our meals came, another unbelievably great meal. I cant even explain in words how spoiled I have felt lately.

We even lit a candle and sung happy birthday to Zoey (the girl from Wales)

These girls are all fabulous cooks, they have been giving me recipes and have inspired me sooooo much to cook a lot when I get home! I really hope my inspiration stays with me, I´m almost excited to just to be home so I can start cooking :)

Earlier that day I went to a colony of penguins on a beach about 180 km from Puerto Madryn.  The scenery on the way there wasn´t too spectacular, I hadn´t realized how flat Patagonia is, apparently it all used to be under water as part of the ocean. When we arrived, there were thousands of penguins roaming around everywhere, or hiding in their holes, avoiding the rain.

Most of the penguins didn´t mind if you got pretty close, but we tried to keep some distance not to disturb them too much. It seemed like they were just enjoying life, standing often times with their eyes closed, basking in the sun when it popped out. Who knew penguins liked sun?

In the morning it was really cold and raining pretty hard, luckily later in the day the clouds cleared and the sun came out! A man who lives in puerto madryn was telling me that it is extremely rare for it to rain here. So the first two days I was here, of course it rained :P

The cutest part about seeing the penguins was when they walked and did their call. I think it is a mating call, but it was cute none the less.

The rest of the day I went to Gaimen, a small town near Puerto Madryn, which is well known as being a welsh town. Zoey was with me, so she knew a lot about Wales and the welsh culture so she taught me and showed me a ton of stuff! There wasn´t too much in the town besides small parks and a bunch of te and cafe shops.

Well now I am about to walk down the 500 meter pier and hope to see some whales, we will see how my luck is today. Tomorrow at 9:30 pm I am heading to Bariloche, pretty excited for that. Until then, adios!

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  1. Thank you for the little video of the penguins! Loved it.

  2. How fun this all sounds! You look lovely and happy and now we wait for your next excursion. Hugs!

  3. Grandpa Knight

    Looking forward to trying out the fruits of your newly expanded culinary skills. Looks like you’re having a great time, meeting wonderful people and having an extraordinary trip. Take care…………..

  4. Wendy Baker

    If it’s not too much trouble, can you please bring one or two of those penguins home for me?

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