New Gear, New Problems

And by problems I mean routes. I recently inherited some new gear from my Aunt and Uncle from Canada! About 14 years ago, they were the ones (and their son, a badass climber from Canada) who got me hooked on scaling rocks. I remember being about 11 years old, looking up at my cousin on the wall at a National competition in the Bay Area, and being like, “he is the coolest person ever. I want to do that”. And from there on, it was history.

I have always been a boulderer. I like to try hard on short problems and in between problems you can snack, drink a beer, take a nap…climbing and being lazy combined into one sport. How perfect is that!?

Up until recently that’s all I ever did except for the occasional gym lead route that gets you a little pumped but is still pretty straight forward. Lately I have been watching videos, hearing stories and getting stoked on “real” mountain climbing. Disclaimer: I hate when people say bouldering isn’t real rock climbing. It is. It’s intense and hard as hell.

Yesterday I headed to Lover’s Leap in Tahoe and got on a few easy pitches where I could put my new gear to the test! It all worked perfectly but the temps (temperature, for those non climbers reading) were really cold, and sitting on the side of a wall at a belay station for 20 minutes in the freezing cold can get tiresome, so we climbed one route and called it quits for the day. Despite the cold, it was worth every second.

Thanks to Nicholas Wray for snapping some shots.

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  1. This post makes me smile…a lot! You have come a long way from that first out door climb. So happy to see those draws being put to use again. Fabulous photo too. :)

  2. Haha yes I have! But there is still always a hint of fear when I’m out there ;)

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