National Hammock Day

Another media filled day approached as I aimlessly scrolled through Instagram, double tapping over and over as I lay sprawled on the couch in my underwear. It was a bright summer day and the trees blew gently outside as my roommate and I wilted away indoors. All of a sudden, one of my favorite fellow Instagrammer’s photo popped up. It was Rachel Moore’s photo of a spectacular landscape with a hammock hanging peacefully in the foreground. “Happy National Hammock Day!”, it read.

All of a sudden the gloom filled room filled with excitement as I looked to Kat and said, “please tell me you have a hammock, let’s get out of here!” Sure enough she did, and we hurriedly threw on our swimsuits, grabbed the hammock and ran out the door. We headed briskly toward the Sacramento River and explored the shores for about 20 minutes until we found the perfect spot.

It was going to be a little precarious to hang the hammock in the spot we found- a tree with branches hanging over the flowing water- but we had no doubt that it was going to work. We climbed the tree, shimmied across the branches and hung the most glorious hammock we had ever hung before.

There had been fires near Sacramento that day, so the sunset shared with us some of the most vibrant colors. The sun was a deep red and so large you couldn’t hide it behind your hand. We waved to boat passerby’s and dangled our toes in the water as the sun set behind the orange and golden hills.

Try not to get wrapped up in social media ALL the time, because there is probably something special outside that you are missing.

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