Music To My Ears

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First of all, check out my new ¨Where Am I Now¨ page to follow me on a map!

Last night as I was hanging out in the lounge/restaurant/bar at the hostel, I met a group of five, four from Germany and one climber from Alberta, Canada. (the guy from Canada had joined their group a week or so ago because they were all headed in the same direction) They invited me to go to Thai food for dinner with them and even though I had already eaten my grocery-bought dinner, I went along to hang out. It´s nice to actually have some friends again.


It turned out it was 2 for 1 Pisco Sour night at the restaurant, so we couldn´t pass up that opportunity.

Cusco is a really beautiful town, but it is sooo touristy. The minute I step outside I am being verbally attacked by those who are selling sunglasses, ponchos, purses, you name it. I have lost count of how many times I have said ¨no gracias¨ in the past 24 hours.
This is what the majority of the buildings in downtown Cusco look like (note the stray dog, like I said, they´re everywhere)

There is live music all the time around here; it´s really cool. At the restaurant last night a local band came and played. I hope the sound works..

And then today as I was reading in the lounge at the hostel, a group of guys came in and started setting up all of their instruments. One of them even came up to me, said, ´hola´, and gave me a kiss on the cheek as if we hadn´t seen eachother in months. I really love being around the people here because the majority of them all have that same loving attitude. Once they were all set up, they started playing and they were really good!

Apparently they arranged with the hostel manager that if they played music, they could stay for free. So all you travelling bands out there, take advantage if that free accomadation!

Finally, here is my favorite place to eat. It is a juice bar who has every mixture of anything you would or wouldn´t (tuna and melon) in a smoothie. They also have grilled sandwichs AND dessert. mmmmmm

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