La Próxima Vez, Bolivia

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Although there are so many things I would like to visit in Bolivia (and it is ridiculously cheap), I thought long and hard about it and decided I would much rather go there with a friend. So if anyone ever wants to visit Bolivia, let me know! Instead, I headed down to Chile and I am now in the Atacama Desert. When I say desert, I mean desert.

To catch you up on my whereabouts, yesterday I spent the day in Arica, Chile, and a friend of the owner of the hostel I was staying at showed me all around town for free. He bought me bus tickets, bought me a shirt, bought me a ticket to the mummy museum, showed me around downtown, took me to the beach and took me to a great gelato place. WOW. The beach was beautiful at sunset, especially good with my ice cream.

I saw the biggest tuna ever…

Cabanaconde, a small village that is right on the edge of the Colca Canyon was incredible. There were donkeys, sheep, dogs and cows meandering the streets, I think I only saw 2 cars. One day I hiked all the way to the bottom of the canyon to a small oasis and back up to the top. In all seriousness, that trek might have been the hardest thing my body has ever attempted to do. The sun was scorching, the altitude was getting to me so badly a few times I sat down and I saw nothing but blackness and the hike back was rock steps the entire way. For awhile there I contemplated my ability of making it back up to the village.

The small green patch was my destination, then back up to the top where the village in Cabanaconde is.

The hostel I was staying at had an adorable kitten who hung out with me day and night. He was my eating, sleeping and reading companion the whole time I was there.

Finally, my bus from Cusco to Arequipa, a 10 or so overnight bus, was absolutely freezing. I suppose it was just getting me ready for Patagonia, but really, the windows were iced over, so I used a card to scrape off a little so I was able to see out.

And here I am, really cold, with my legs in my backpack and my extra socks on my hands…

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  1. You are hard core!! I think you should have the photo of you so hot from your strenuous climb right next to the one of you freezing in the bus…compare and contrast these travels.

  2. Wendy Baker

    I agree with Sue completely.

  3. Seriously you are so damn awesome!

  4. Granpa Knight

    And Grampa sez, Watch that altitude and the amount of effort expended,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE!

  5. You are incredible! I wanted to help you reach that small green patch! What determination you have but do take care and enjoy. Hugs!

  6. good idea! Your comments always make me laugh haha

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