It Takes Two To Tango

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For my last night in Salta, I had quite a good time. Dinner was a different mixture of rice and chicken and after we finished that, about 8 of us hung out in the hostel until around 2 or 3 am. Since Buenos Aires is the capital of Tango dancing, we figured we better get our skills up to par. So Robin, a guy from Amsterdam, pulled up a youtube video, we all grabbed a partner and taught ourselves the Tango, taking up the entirety of the entrance hall to our hostel. It was quite a scene.

There are so many Dutch travellers! And apparently Amsterdam is only a ´drug town´for tourists. The majority of the locals barely partake in any of it… supposedly.

Back at home, a lot of people comment on either the amount of food I can eat, or the fact that I will eat pretty much anything. Last night, the two men from Holland started talking about how they thought it was funny how much I enjoyed all the food in the hostel. Everyone kept complaining about dinner, ´oh the rice isn´t cooked well enough´. ´Ugh, the chicken is too chicken-y´. But I thought it was an absolute delicious feast. This morning at breakfast I was eating with another girl from the States, and right when I said to her, ¨Oh man I just love the breakfast here!!¨ I hear in a dutch accent, ¨of course you do¨. I look around to see my two friends from last night. They started laughing and sat down to eat with us. Hey, at least I´m not picky!

Today at 3:15 my bus to Iguazu Falls takes off. A grouling 20 or so hour bus trip. Luckily I have enjoyed most of the buses so far because simply looking at the scenery passing by is amazing.



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  1. Kim Baker

    Have a wonderful trip to Iguazu Falls! I’ve read that it makes Niagara look like a ‘leaky faucet’. Will you be visiting the Brazilian side?

  2. Can’t wait to see the falls through your lens! Enjoy the food on the bus!

  3. I’m having my own adventure in Toronto these days and have just caught up with you! I worried about the fact that you would be alone on your travels and how great to know that you are meeting so many nice and helpful tourists. You must be having a grand time. Travel safely and enjoy! Hugs!

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