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I have not had Internet for awhile and the connection I have right now is awful but on the bus today I won Spanish bingo and got a free bus ticket!! Unfortunately it was my last day in Peru so I didn’t need another ticket but I gave it to this cute old lady who was super into the game. She was so grateful haha I’m in Arica, chile now and when I got off the bus I was utterly lost so this other little old lady from my bus offered me a ride to my hostel. She, her friend, her husband, her huge drooling dog and I drive around for about an hour till we found my tiny hostel. What goes around comes around I guess! :P off to bed, I have no clue what time it is but I’m pooped and I gotta make sure I’m up for free breakfast in the morning. Lotsa love!

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  1. Wendy Baker

    Thanks for the update, and congratulations on winning the bingo game! That’s hilarious. Love you lots.

  2. Kim Baker

    Great to hear from you, I love getting your updates. Enjoy Arica!

  3. How nice to have you back! We will all be waiting to hear about new adventures and yes, I’m hooked on your blog. I love the ‘bingo’ story. Hugs!

  4. Karma is a beautiful thing! One kindness always leads to another. You rock.

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