Hit On By The Taxi Driver

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I got back into Ollantaytambo at 11pm via train the same day I hiked Machu Picchu so I was beat. I wanted to save money so I walked from the train station the my hostel which was a bit nerve racking, but I made it :)

I stayed the night in a cute little hostel that had cats everywhere. 

In the morning I tried to get a collectivo back to Cusco, but all of them were leaving later in the day. So I flagged down really nice taxi and actually talked him down in price!! woohoo! I went up to him and told him a price to go to Cusco, he gave me a higher price, I said, ´no gracias´and started to walk away and he called me and said, amiga! ok, diez soles¨. haha :)

Once in the taxi though, it got interesting.

He was trying to get others to come as well so he made more money, so we were driving around Ollantaytambo for about an hour yelling out, ¨Cusco!!¨(I decided to help him)

He then asked me if I liked dancing and I said no (that was a lie) and he asked why, I told him I actually did, but not while travelling because it costs too much. He started saying how ´bonita´I was and then he asked if I would go dancing with him in Cusco. I said no, he said he would pay, I said no again, this time adding that I had to get to bed early. (Note that this entire conversation was in Spanish, so my english/spanish dictionary was out a lot of the time haha)

Finally, as he would not let up of his request, I told him that I was engaged and deeply in love with my fiance, who was meeting up with me in Cusco next week. He then let it go, saying what a lucky man I had….

About an hour later we found a German couple to join us (thank god) and we were on our way back to Cusco; an hour and a half drive inwhich I was in the front seat next to Alfredo (the lover man).

Also, tonight I am taking a 10 hour train to Arequipa then heading to Colca Canyon where I will not have internet access for a few days. After Colca Canyon I will take an 8 hour bus to Tacna, then cross the border into Arica, Chile.

Talk to you all when I´m back on the network!!


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  1. What is it with taxi drivers? When we were in Italy a taxi driver suggested we drop off my ‘marito’ ( husband ) off at a nearby prison( all in Italian and with Dave in the same vehicle) so we could be together. He must have been desperate is all I can say :) Anyway sounds like you handled yourself beautifully! You go girl! I love traveling virtually with you.

  2. Oh, to be young again! Altough these taxi divers are not the kind of young men that I want my favorite girls to be around I can see they only look for quality!!
    I’ve been waiting for your update, Ellen. So great to travel with you, take care and we will wait for further adventures. Hugs!

  3. sounds like an exciting day. don’t be afraid to spend an extra couple bucks. you are on vacation remember :)

  4. Cute cat- almost as cute as Dottie, and looks like she has an attitude like Annie.
    Glad you made it to Machu Picchu! I feel a bit as if I am there too. Keep up the posts.

  5. Ok, I’m starting to sound like a broken record. But you ARE awesome. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to picture you yelling out the window of the cab, helping the driver to attract customers. Your updates are music to my eyes.

  6. El Bell all your posts make me laugh out loud and miss you like hell. Your adventures sound amazing!! I hate these breaks tho cuz I can’t help but worry :P Stay safe and keep it up :)

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