From Desert Flats to Jungle Cats

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Although I sadly did not see a jungle cat, rumor has it there are many jaguars around here. You just have to be lucky to see one. I am here in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, small town of the absolutely amazing Iguazu Falls.

I have been travelling with Sarah, the girl from Australia for about a week now, and as our bus got closer to Iguazu, it was suprising how deep into the jungle we really are here!

Yesterday morning, before heading to the falls, I finally got to do my laundry! I have been in one outfit for about three weeks, so it was about that time. Sarah even lent me all her clothes to wear so that I could wash all of mine. Here I am at the laundry place…

The falls were spectacular, but I wasn´t expecting so much development from humanity. For example there were actual paved paths that led you to the falls. That was a bit of a downer, I was hoping to have to trudge my way through the jungle. Either way, the view was absolutely stunning.

But you really cannot fathom how much water there is until you watch the video (beneath) It is incredible the amount of water that is constantly flowing. All day, everyday.

Here is me and my friend whom I have been travelling with, at the top of the falls, pretty much the closest you can get.

In the jungle the animals are so exotic and they´re everywhere!

One even landed on my shoe- that´s good luck right!??

Had a great night hanging out with the others in the hostel last night and today I´m off to Buenos Aires, Argentina at 5pm!


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  1. Wendy Baker

    Looks fantastic. I love the creatures. However, I’m not TOO sorry you didn’t see the Jaguar :)

  2. Great pictures and that includes those of you and your friend! Lovely! The falls are amazing and I agree with Wendy, we can do without those huge cats. Hugs!

  3. Loved the video Ellen. Just like you took us all there to experience it! I can appreciate the joy of doing laundry in a real washing machine….something about that sink rinsing that gets a bit ‘off putting’ after a few weeks :)

  4. Let’s go back for a second round one day! and let your Australian friend know that we are coming to visit this summer ;)

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