Eastcoast Trip with my Best Friend

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There is so much I could write about our trip to New Jersey, New York and Boston.
When people asked us, “10 days!? Aren’t you guys gonna sick of each other?” We just had to laugh because for a majority of my time in high school, her house was pretty much my house.

The first few days we stayed with her brother and sister in-law in New Jersey, where it rained hard, all the time. Yet it was still extremely hot out. That weather confuses me so much. One of our days there, we took the cute dogs for a walk and went to a buffet with these awesome tator-tots.

We spent one full day in New York City, where our dreams came true and we spotted NAKED COWBOY! When Sam grabbed my arm with her face in shock, I couldn’t imagine what she had just seen..Yes, that was our excitement level of the entire trip.

Finally we made our way to Boston, where we stayed with Sam’s Aunt at her absolutely incredible house. I felt like I was a celebrity when I showered that’s how decadent it was. We took the T (train/subway) everywhere, visited Boston College, Harvard and even met up at a bar with our friend who we met in San Diego. We went to a Red Sox game and I fell in love with the Boston accent.

we ate in ‘Little Italy’, had loads of sushi and sashimi and even met a man from Argentina who gave me lots of advice for my upcoming trip :)


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