Cheap Food, Expensive Bathrooms

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Everything I have eaten in the past few weeks, and let it be known that amount is quite extreme, has either been ridiculously cheap ($2 for a three course meal) or free.. Everyone shares food here. But once I got to the Bus Terminal (terminal terrestre) in Chile, I had to pay $600 pesos (a dollar and a quarter) to go to the bathroom and there was no toilet paper what-so-ever. Good thing me and mom added that to my packing list before I left. Thankfully I had a nice little roll in my bag.

I spent the last day in San Pedro de Atacama, here was my first transportation from the bus Terminal to my Hostel.. the guy was really sweet though; hair to his waist, a ripped tank top and my guess is a copious amount of marijuana in his life..

By the end of the day, though, my nose took a beating and on the bus to Salta I realized that it needed to be peeled!

I took the bus from San Pedro, Chile to Salta, Argentina (where I am now). We passed beautiful landscapes, deserts, mountains, and salt flats.

On some buses in Peru they would serve huge meals like chicken potatoes and rice, or sandwiches. On this 12 hour (and more expensive bus), we got mini cookies and a mini cafe (coffee).. Although cute, not very filling.

Did I mention, 4 and half of those 12 hours we were standing in line at Immigration? That was lovely…

Well I´m here now in Salta, Aregentina at the best hostel I have stayed at yet! Hot showers (first one I have had in 2 weeks), free breakfast (and more than the usual stale bread roll), free dinner (we´ll see what that consists of tonight), an awesome location, clean, I could go on and on… I feel so spoiled.

Sarah, a solo female traveler from Australia who has been traveling 6 months, and I walked the streets this morning and although it was raining, it felt so great compared to the desert conditions I have been in.

Time to go buy some more water and shampoo.

Adios for now!

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  1. Granpa Knight

    Ellen, I can’t tell you how much your grandmother and I enjoy reading about you and your trip. Ever thought about writing a book about your adventures when you get back ??

  2. Toilet paper and duct tape….two travel must haves. Here’s hoping you find lots of free bathrooms!

  3. Awesome photos and adventurous stories! Where are you going next?

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