A Sad Story of Rationing Food

Breakfast, check.

Dinner, check.

Water, check.

“All we need are a few snacks and we’re good to go!”

In the last two weeks of August, Michelle and I packed our backpacks and headed to Boulder, Colorado in search of some mountains. We planned to hike along the Continental Divide Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park for seven days, and stay with a friend in Boulder the other seven days.

We had two days in Boulder to adapt to elevation and make sure we had everything we needed for the backcountry. All of our food was packed except snacks for during the day, so we headed to Target (of all places..) to grab a few more grubs.

“One box of Clif bars, two bags of trail mix.. where is the beef jerky!?? Ahhh.. here it is, one bag. Perfect.”

Let me start off by saying, there are seven Clif bars in a box. We’re gonna be gone for seven days, so that’s perfect, right? Er, forgot to include the fact that there are two of us.

So, for every food item we had, we had enough for one person. I’m still not quite sure if this was just a simple lapse in judgement, or the most blonde moment of my (our) lives, but it happened, and once we were on the trail making breakfast, we realized what we had done:

One oatmeal pack: 130 cal

Two handfuls trail mix: approx 170 cal
Half a Clif bar: 130 cal
One square of beef jerky: 60 cal

Accidentally bought a couple ‘appetizers’, but our average was:
Half a dehydrated dinner: 200 cal

So, on average, we were eating 690 calories a day, hiking anywhere from 5 – 14 miles a day. With a lot of elevation changes going on.

Moral of the story, I will never, ever, ever, mis-calculate my food again, and will probably always have some food to share with you. We were hungry, determined girls attempting to catch fish, find pinecones and Michelle wanted to roast a squirrel but we couldn’t have fires. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re hungry and tired, but having the right company can make all the difference.

Our last day and our body fat was pretty low at this point.. IMG_6099


Rationing the trail mix for the day.

Waiting patiently for ‘dinner time’.

Nap time on Michelle’s Lap


We made it!!IMG_6168


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  1. What a hard lesson to learn! Proud of you guys that you made it and kept good attitudes. Should have eaten the squirrel raw though… ;)

  2. fishing? Kill a bear?

  3. haha raw squirrel!? never… ;)
    thank you!

  4. Tried fishing! We found that making a hook from nature is harder than it seems..I don’t think I have the skills to make a bear trap yet. ;)

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