A Mexican Rendezvous

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Found this unpublished post buried in my drafts, so here it is seven months later!

You know that feeling when you’re supposed to meet your date at a restaurant but your the first to arrive and you just kind of sit there awkwardly, praying that he/she will show up soon? Well that’s kind of how I feel right now. I’m headed to Oaxaca, Mexico, awaiting my third flight of the day (in the past 12 hours), and also awaiting my group of travelers.

My partner in crime (PIC) of the trip, Yessenia, was forced to stay back in Guadalajara for an extra hour and take a later flight to Mexico City (where I am now). I’m sitting here, looking around like a lost child for her. It’s not like I haven’t done this alone before, but it’s much nicer having a friend (also one who is fluent in Spanish)… OH THERE SHE IS!

One of my professors (good looking hipster dude with a tattoo sleeve) hooked me up with the UC Davis Econ department to shoot a documentary in Oaxaca, Mexico over spring break. A free trip to Mexico with food and board and I get to hangout with the locals and learn about their lives? I’m sold. We’re doing a piece on the micro finance business and talking to some women who have completely changed their lives by opening small businesses. These women have been homeless, in the lowest poverty, lost family members, been beaten, lost children but somehow pushed themselves passed all of these barriers and have come out on top.

**Days pass and…

It’s our last day of shooting and every woman we have talked to has had incredible stories to tell and they are all the sweetest people I have met. I watched a little girl grab a fish out of the ocean like it was no big deal and climb up a branch holding her prize. I went to dinner with Yessenia and we bought 20 cent tacos and 75 cent 40 oz beers, do I have to leave? We have explored the city, the mountains and the ocean (which, by the way is about 85 degrees) and have made new friendships that will last a lifetime. I learned how to order food from the street and that recording outdoor interview audio will ALWAYS be a pain (people screaming, loud trucks, insane birds, planes, sirens, wind, thunder, the list goes on). This trip has gotten me so excited for what my future holds, I can’t wait for it to continue!

Here are a few photos for those of you handicapped readers who just like to look at things.



IMG_0003 IMG_0010 IMG_0041 IMG_9576 IMG_9669 IMG_9717 IMG_9721 IMG_9725 IMG_9748 IMG_9882 IMG_9920 IMG_9953 IMG_9990



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  1. ive always to visit there. What a great opportunity. Exceptional photos!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, the mountains especially were gorgeous.

  3. A very thoughtful post EllenI Great pictures and great job!

  4. Thanks Granny!

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