Adventure to Banff for my Cousin’s Wedding

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Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom, Tedi and Jordan!
I am so excited to have another cousin and a whole new network of climbing friends who live in Canada! Banff was so beautiful I wanted to stay so much longer than 3 days. This was where their wedding was held… paradise I’d say…

Getting to Banff was an adventure in it’s own though. The plan was to take a 5pm flight from Sacramento, CA to Salt Lake City, Utah, a 45 minute layover and a connecting flight to Calgary, Alberta. Well my first flight was delayed about 2 hours and there were some unhappy people about that.

Finally arriving in SLC, there were no more flights leaving that night to Alberta… Okay, no problem, the woman from SAC guaranteed me a hotel room for the night…But she didn’t know there was some huge convention going on that caused every single hotel room in the city to be fully booked.

My options now were
a) Fly around all night to various cities across the globe so I didn’t have to sleep in the airport, or
b) Sleep in the airport until 11 am the next morning
When I suddenly realized my other option,
c) Call Lexa, one of my best friends from highschool, who now lives in Provo (about an hour from the airport)

C it is. It turned out she and some friends were headed to SLC for the night to go dancing, so I hopped on a bus downtown, got a bite to eat, a beer with 4 guys I met in a Piano bar and she picked me up and we had an amazing time dancing, driving to the top of a mountain and going out for a delicious breakfast in the morning.

I finally got to Calgary the next day and had fantastic time with family and friends.
I love that everything seems to fall into place!

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